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Using GIT to manage a website…

Nice little write-up on pushing your local GIT repo to a live web site:

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Magazine framework in Javascript

Incredible, clever, simple looking demo:


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MySQL Command Line stopped working in Mac OS 10.6?

Do what this guy says and add <tt>/usr/local/mysql/bin</tt> back into your paths file

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Turn a text list into an HTML Select Option list with PHP

Easy solution to this basic HTML coding need posted over at Stack Overflow by a random clever bloke. Thanks RCB.


  $fc = file_get_contents('./test.txt');
  $fc = utf8_encode ( $fc );
	$lines = explode("\n", $fc);

  $html = '<select>';
  foreach($lines as $line)
     $html .= '<option value="' . $line . '">' . $line . '</option>';

  $html .= '</select>';
  echo $html;

My only issue was with UTF-8 characters coming through garbled. Bodged a workaround using this encode entities plug-in for Dreamweaver.


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Zooming weirdness in Mac Photoshop CS5?

This is one of those stoopid things you trip over every now and then. Ever since I started with the CS5 upgrade Photoshop wouldn’t allow me to use a zoom marquee… instead it does a strange thing called “scrubby zoom“. This new feature means that when clicking and dragging the zoom tool your image will always zoom in towards the point you first click on. I’m sure this makes more sense to new users but nearly 20 years’ of muscle memory is very hard to shake!

The fix

Thanks to my colleague Aleksej for finding the answer for me. Just uncheck “scrubby zoom” in the contextual menu at the top of your Photoshop window!


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I love the smell of Napalm in a teacup


Your friend and mine [Google] says an acquaintance [Microsoft] has been copying their search results in order to get curried flavour [surely carry favour]. More details on the BBC and at a web-nag near you…


Oh dear.

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Weird line-height in Chrome?

Specifying line-height on an <a> in a <li> will not work in your webkit based browsers. Line-height needs to be set on the containing <li> to work at all in Chrome or consistently in Firefox. Now you know.

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