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Beardyman hologram

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Chop Cup

What on earth is this?

I’ve no idea what this is but it’s been haunting me (in a good way) since yesterday. First impression was mediocre but let is steep a while…

CHOP CUP from :weareom: on Vimeo.

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Jenny Lewis video

Spotted on Hicksdesign.

They liked, I agree…

Jenny Lewis “See Fernando” from Team G on Vimeo.

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War Photographer

Jason Forrest, "War Photographer", Shamelessly Exciting, Sonig Records, Dir. Joel Trussell.

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iPod running scared…

Not really. Currently there’s stuff all over the place about the bad closed Apple. I am sympathetic. Mmm. I wish for more interoperability in my iPod. And features too. To be able to sync one iPod with laptop AND desktop. Essentially the laptop should be a nano extension but with acces to all playlists. That would be just great. My journeys to and from Marbella are long and provide the opportunity to listen to lots of stuff. I’d like to be able to modify my playlists based on this. Sadly – the only place I can modify playlists right now is in Marbella. I’m in Cadiz province. Up a mountain.

Anyhows. Highlight right now is Ricardo Villalobos great textural stuff to work too. Last night – well I can’t remember what I listened to last night – Damn. I least I tagged a few with gold stars.

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