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I love the smell of Napalm in a teacup


Your friend and mine [Google] says an acquaintance [Microsoft] has been copying their search results in order to get curried flavour [surely carry favour]. More details on the BBC and at a web-nag near you…


Oh dear.

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Advertising that you couldn’t get away with these days

Found this link to a whole bunch of mostly crassly sexist adverts from way back but but there’s other NO-NOs in there too: TOP 48 ADS THAT WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TODAY. Still not seen Mad Men yet but I guess this is what they may have gotten up to…

Anyway here’s my favourite wrong-uns:

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Beardyman hologram

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Chop Cup

What on earth is this?

I’ve no idea what this is but it’s been haunting me (in a good way) since yesterday. First impression was mediocre but let is steep a while…

CHOP CUP from :weareom: on Vimeo.

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Jenny Lewis video

Spotted on Hicksdesign.

They liked, I agree…

Jenny Lewis “See Fernando” from Team G on Vimeo.

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Wednesday fun #2

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“At Least He Was Honest: Internet Scam Fail”

[thanks to my favourite Geekologie]


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